Scuba Diving cenote angelita on the riviera maya near playa del carmen in tulum


Scuba Diving
Cenote Angelita
Playa del Carmen Tulum Riviera Maya Mexico

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This dive site is must do for advanced divers who are looking for something a little different. The name means "little angel" in English and there may not be a better way to describe this magical dive site. The setting is perfect as you walk a short distance through the jungle to the rather large hidden away cenote. To describe it simply this cenote does nothing else but go straight down 200 feet. Fresh water with unlimited visibility makes up the first one hundred feet and salt water the other half is separated by a mystical layer of hydrogen sulfate. This layer in the middle appears as a dense cloud from the top and strange colored hue from the bottom. Bring your dive lights, as you will need them if you are going to penetrate through to the bottom. There are not many dives in the world where you can dive in the clouds at 100 feet and see trees, but this is one. The deepest point of this cenote really is at 200 feet so go with the proper gasses in your tanks but more importantly the right guide showing you the best and safest dive possible.

Entrance point to Cenote Angelita

 Map of Cenote Angelita


  Location: 17 Kilometers South of Tulum  Map of Angelita courtesy of
  Hours of operation: 8:00am -5:00pm / everyday of the week 
  Bathrooms: None- but plenty of private wooded areas  
  Restaurant on site- nothing even close (bring lunch if you are staying) 
  Distance from gear up to water: 5 min walk through the jungle 
  Cavern Dives: This dive is unlike every other cenote in the Riviera Maya. Yes there is a cavern area in the cenote but unlike others with more open water. This is not a typical cavern dive in the Riviera Maya. Guided cavern tour standards. 
  Cave Dives: There are not any cave passages or penetration cave diving possible here. This is a very big cenote that goes straight down with no side passages at all. This is however a great location to train for decompression diving under the guidance of your local instructor.
  Snorkeling: Easy entries but there is no bottom to look at here. There is some very nice wildlife in this area with a number of turtles and some overhangs to look at but not famous for its snorkeling.. 

Special Cenote Dive Angelita:

You must be certified as an Advanced Diver and logged at least 20 dives. A unique feature of this dive is that a layer of hydrogen sulfide separates the fresh water from the salt water below. This mystical cloud is found at about 100 feet (30 m) and stretches down to 110 feet (34 m) We will descend to approx. 130 feet (40 m). An indescribable dive. You have to see it for yourself!

Cenote Angelita in Tulum

Cenote Angelita in Tulum


Helpful Hint for a more fun experience
Propulsion Techniques:
The following description is one of the recommended techniques for cavern and cave diving the cenotes of the Riviera Maya.
Modified Flutter Kick
Correct position for scuba diving in the cenotes

Picture provided by S.Gerrard
The Cenotes of the Riviera Maya
 To Purchase this book click on the links "its a Good one to have "

The diver is looking straight ahead, swimming horizontally and moving the ankles only in a casual, alternating style, bending the knees and holding firmly in place. The technique is the most common used in cavern and cave diving.

Rules to follow for all cenote dives:
*No decompression.
*Penetration: max. 200 feet (60m) from opening.
*Depth max. 70 feet   (21m).
*Minimum visibility of 40 feet (12.5 m).
*Large with no restrictions.
*Area with ceiling and some visible light. 
Environmental Concerns:
Please help us to preserve these fragile cenotes. Dive gently!
*Take nothing.
*Reduce drag from equipment.
*No grabbing or pulling speleo themes.
*Try not to touch sediments.
Buoyancy & Propulsion:
*Minimize weight and do a buoyancy check before the dive.
*Neutral buoyancy wanted.
*Gentle kicks from the knee and ankle, not the hip.
Body Position:
*Head down slightly, body horizontal
*Mid-water positioning, stay off bottom and top.
Light & Hand Signals:
Our Certified Full Cave Guide will go over all signals with you before the dive.


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